Scam – No, Ripple will not offer you XRP

The price of XRP has seen a remarkable rise in recent weeks. What unfortunately attract scammers of all stripes, who pass themselves off as the Ripple company. We explain how to spot them.

Ripple: a scam that claims to distribute XRP

XRP scammers use multiple channels to direct their potential victims to this scam . One of the most common is an email apparently sent by Ripple, which explains that the company wants to help the less fortunate in times of crisis, by unlocking more than 5 billion XRP for the “Ripple Army”:

If you click on the link, you apparently find yourself on the Ripple site. The reproduction is particularly faithful and everything suggests that this is the official website of the company :

Ripple site XRP scam

Only the URL changes slightly, which contributes to the confusion:

A bogus rewards program

The scam claims that Ripple wants to develop an economic reward model to support its community, through a distribution of XRP :

“With two major pillars, the Awards Program and the Support Program for the Community, the XRP is distributed based on business demands, but the d istribution is also made to individual users . ”

There is of course no reward program. The site aims to collect personal information about people who would like to take advantage of this fake giveaway. Ripple also published a warning two days ago, given the scale of the scam:

XRP price goes up

This renewed interest from scammers is due to the performance of XRP in the month of November, as well as the airdrop which concerns the holders of the asset . It should be noted, however, that last week, XRP, like Bitcoin (BTC), suffered a fall, which was particularly dizzying. It lost almost 40% of its value within two days. Since then, the price of XRP has been rising:

Since the start of the weekend, it has grown by + 41% . However, it has so far not reached its highest level of last week, near $ 0.80.

It remains to be seen whether XRP will confirm its breakthrough, with a market cap still currently exceeding that of Tether (USDT) . What is certain is that scammers are sure to profit from the renewed interest in cryptocurrency, so stay cautious.